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High Sierra Vagrant Issues

Published on Oct 7, 2017

I recently upgraded to High Sierra against my better judgement and started running into several issues with duplicate and missing files from my NFS Vagrant Mount. I run Laravel Homestead, however the issue affects High Sierra Vagrant NFS mounts.

This is currently a known and documented issue which you can read about here.

There have been a few work-arounds, however the best solution I have found so far was posted by Kyle Browning here.

This tutorial is simply to expand on what he posted in hopes that it may help someone else while this issue is resolved.

Currently I store all my PHP projects under ~/Sites directory and mount that directory to /www/var/ inside of Vagrant. My applications like PHP Storm, Sublime, etc... are all pointed to ~/Sites within my Mac. My Vagrant installs are all stored in ~/Servers and my synced_folder config is pointed there as well.

To get everything working, I did the following:

  • Launch Disk Utility -> File -> New Image -> Blank Image
  • I called my New Image "Sites2"
    • Size: 10GB Space (Pick a size that works for you)
    • Format: Mac OSX Extended (Journaled)
    • Saved it inside ~, so that it would be with my ~/Sites directory.
  • Copied all files from ~/Sites to ~Sites2
  • Updated the Vagrant file config synced_folder from ~/Sites to /Volumes/Sites2 (This is how you would access your Image File thorugh the command line)
  • In Terminal I then ran:
    • cd ~
    • mv Sites Sites3
    • ln -s /Volumes/Sites2 Sites (Symlink so that all Mac Applications can access files normally)
  • Launch System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items -> Click the + and add the Image you created so that it auto launches after you login.

After following all those steps I was able to run vagrant up and everything ran like normal.